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 DNS 01 - The First DNS. Forward Lookup Zones. Zone Type and Host (A) Record. Diagram

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Tutorial Overview
Installing and setting up the first DNS server 2008 R2
Installing a Domain Name System (DNS) server involves adding the DNS server role to an existing Windows Server 2008 server. You can also install the DNS server role when you install the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) role. This is the preferred method for installing the DNS Server role if you want to integrate your DNS domain namespace with the AD DS domain namespace.

Creating forward lookup zones and zone type (standard primary)
When the Domain Name System (DNS) server role is installed as part of creating a domain controller by installing Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the forward lookup zones that are required to support the domain are automatically created. Creating a forward lookup zone is only necessary when you create a DNS server that is not running on a domain controller or if you need to create a DNS domain that is not part of your Active Directory domain structure.

Creating the first host (A) record for the first DNS server
After you have created forward lookup zone in DNS, if you have not configured dynamic updates, you are required to create Host (A) records manually. Host (A) records ensure that the computer name resolves correct IP address and helps other computers to locate the machine over the network. While creating Host (A) records in DNS Forward Lookup Zone you can also create PTR Pointer records automatically if Reverse Lookup Zone in DNS server is configured.