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 DNS 11 -WWW & FTP Alias Records. Installing IIS. IP and Domain Test. Diagram

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Tutorial Overview
Creating new Alias records for WWW and FTP in the public network
Alias name in DNS server allows administrators to assign a user friendly name for any host based on the domain name. Alias names are mostly used for web servers where real host names are complicated enough to be distributed to external users. For example, the well-known server names (ftp, www) are registered using alias (CNAME) resource records that map to the Domain Name System (DNS) host name, such as server-1, for the server computer that hosts these services

Setting up DNS and installing IIS with FTP server for the new website
By fully integrating into IIS, the updated FTP server makes it possible to host FTP and Web content from the same site by simply adding an FTP binding to an existing Web site. In addition, the FTP server has virtual host name support, making it possible to host multiple FTP sites on the same IP address. The FTP server also has improved user isolation, making it possible to isolate users through per-user virtual directories. The FTP service is not installed by default. To set up an FTP site, you must first install the FTP service. Installing the FTP service creates a default FTP site, which you can then customize to your needs using IIS Manager.

Testing the default Website by IP and Domain name
The Default Web Site is located within the Web Sites folder in the IIS snap-in. You can use the Default Web Site to publish content, but it is possible to create and configure a separate website. Each domain name is assigned to an IP (Internet Protocol) address that allows computers to identify and contact the website. In essence, the IP address is to a domain name as a phone number is to a person. Finding out the IP address of a web domain is a simple matter of using an online service. For nearly every web server, the IP address is invisibly translated into natural English "domain name" for ease of use. But technically speaking, the IP address is the true identifier of a web server...the domain name is simply a redirector pointer to help people find the web server.

Adding and testing a new FTP Site
FTP Site are Computer that allows downloading (and uploading in some cases) of files by the use of file transfer protocol (FTP) over the internet. There are over a thousand FTP sites with hundreds of thousands of text, graphics, sound, and video files freely available to anyone. However, a FTP site is not a website because its data cannot be displayed like a webpage. An FTP site may be one or more servers or just one or two folders dedicated to file transfer on a single server. To transfer files with FTP, you use a program often called the "client." The FTP client program initiates a connection to a remote computer running FTP "server" software. After the connection is established, the client can choose to send and/or receive copies of files, singly or in groups.