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 11. How To Install And Use Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) For Updates and Hotfixes.

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Tutorial Overview
WSUS is a free tool that enables you to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates within your corporate network. WSUS connects to Microsoft Update to retrieve the latest software updates, and then synchronizes them with your corporate WSUS server. You can configure this synchronization to be done automatically or manually. The primary WSUS server can also be used to update other WSUS servers on your network.

Using WSUS, you can manage Windows and Office updates within your corporate network by selecting which updates are available to specific groups of users. Users then interact with the WSUS server in the same way as they would with the Microsoft Update Web site. For updates that have both binary and full-file configurations, WSUS attempts to install the binary update first; if this does not succeed, it then installs the full-file update. This means that you don't have to decide ahead of time which configuration you need to deploy.

WSUS can update administrative installation points that are in the same state as when Office was originally installed; WSUS cannot update an administrative installation point on which you have already applied updates. For client computers, WSUS can update per-computer installations of Office, but it cannot update per-user installations. For users who connect directly to the Internet and manage their own computers, Microsoft Update allows them to download the latest updates for both Windows and Office. Users can set up an automatic schedule to check for and retrieve updates periodically.