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 12. How To Mount Modify and Unmount a (.WIM) Image to Add, Edit, and Delete Files/Folders by ImageX.

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Tutorial Overview
With the ImageX tool, the Windows Imaging File System Filter (WIM FS Filter), and a Windows image (.wim) file, you can map the contents of the image to a directory and perform common file operations, such as copying, pasting, and editing with a file management tool (such as Windows Explorer) without extracting or recreating the image. f you do not provide a location for your new .wim file, the capture process automatically creates it in your ImageX directory. For example, if you enter Data.wim instead of D:\Imaging\Data.wim, then the new .wim file appears in your ImageX directory. You cannot capture an empty directory. A directory must contain at least one file.

After capturing and compressing your image, you can use the /mount option or the /mountrw option to mount the image to your technician computer for modification, including adding, editing, and deleting files. If modifications are not required, you can also use the /apply option to apply the image to a network location or directly to your destination computers.

The /verify option will affect the overall capture time. During a capture operation, the progress bar indicates the status of the capture operation only, not the verify operation. When the capture is complete, the verify process begins. This process takes time even though the progress bar shows 100 percent. If you use the /unmount option without the /commit option, your changes will be discarded. To be able to save your changes, you must mount the image by using the /mountrw option and use the /commit option when unmounting the image.